Rola Nilu w kształtowaniu kultury starożytnego Egiptu

  1. Patryk Chudzik
  2. Mateusz Żmudziński ORCiD: 0000-0002-5771-6099


The role of the Nile river in the formation of the ancient Egyptian culture

The aim of this paper is to describe the main points of the multifaceted relations between Nile and the culture and civilization of ancient Egypt. Both economic and cultural matters are indicated. The Nile fed, drank, irrigated the fields, served as a communication route, but besides, it went into the beliefs and cultural world of the Egyptians. The regulation of the rhythm of people’s lives, their social organization, cult behaviours, ritual hunting, ways of spending free time, or numerous works of art were connected with Nile. In fact, it is difficult to find anything in Egypt during the pharaonic era that was not connected with it. It has been a key factor in the lives of people in Egypt for thousands of years.


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Prace Kulturoznawcze

21, 2017, nr 3

Pages from 13 to 25

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