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Obraz medyczny jako „fenomen”. Ciało w relacji z nie-ludzkimi sprawczościami w wybranych projektach postmedialnych

  1. Ewelina Twardoch-Raś ORCiD: 0000-0002-2497-8463


Medical image as “phenomenon”. Body in relation to non-human agencies in selected post-media projects

The article examines a special ontogenetic relation that is established between the biological body and physical forces during the procedures of medical imaging. Until now it has been considered only as the creation of a simple form of representation. Medical imaging procedures are special processes in which organic and inorganic matter is entwined, resulting in partial transformation of beings and creation of a new whole. In the text these entanglements will be considered in the context of the concept of ‘the phenomenon’, which is part of the agential realism’ ontology, established by the American researcher Karen Barad. Her approach to agency directs thinking about relations between different beings in posthumanistic and performative perspective. This relationship is illustrated by many artistic post-media projects that often use medical and biometric data to address important social problems (terrorism in the Diane Covert’s project) and diversity of living creatures on Earth (projects of Albert Koetsier).

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21, 2017, nr 3

Strony od 107 do 131

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