Z "Przewodniczkami" po Krakowie

  1. Małgorzata Radkiewicz


Visiting Kraków with female guides

The text introduces five volumes of women’s guides to Kraków which is re-stored and explored as a space of “herstories.” Being part of the Krakowski Szlak Kobiet project, each of the series of publications is called Przewodniczka po Krakowie emancypantek (Female guide to Kraków of emancipated women) and consists of texts about selected women from the past. Using different methodologies and perspectives, including feminist critics, gender studies and queer studies, the authors examine diverse forms of women’s life narrations, in terms of social and cultural background, ethnicity, education and emancipation. Although there are many different ways of doing research into women’s biographies and works, all texts can be considered an example of re-construction, of re-reading and of re-writing that which, as Teresa de Lauretis argues, are parts of the process of reformulation of narrations and representations of women. The main idea of “women’s guides to Kraków” is to inscribe women’s narration into both the history of the city and its space, that can be re-discovered while following the paths drawn by the authors of biographies of the women of Kraków.

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Prace Kulturoznawcze

17, 2015

Pages from 219 to 229

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