Przewodniki dźwiękowe w kontekście soundscape studies. W stronę koncepcji alternatywnego przewodnika dźwiękowego Dzierżoniowa

  1. Robert Losiak


Sound guides in the context of soundscape studies. Toward the concept of an alternative sound guide of Dzierżoniów

The article raises the issue of sound guides. The starting point in our considerations are the two crucial concepts proposed in the seventies of the twentieth century: soundscape studies by R. Murray Schafer as well as Hildegard Westerkamp’s project of soundwalks. Nowadays sound guides are more and more interesting. They show us humans’ subjective evaluation and listening of places which sound attractive. They invite their readers to follow the described aural trails by themselves, sensitise the ears to environmental sounds so that they even become a form of an auditory workshop. In the present-day Polish soundscape studies literature one can find references to the concept of sound guides. The article discusses some of them and presents the idea of an alternative sound guide of Dzierżoniów.

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Prace Kulturoznawcze

17, 2015

Pages from 183 to 193

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