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Giambattisty Vica zmagania z chrześcijańskim historycyzmem oraz z kartezjańskim ahistoryzmem

  1. Zbigniew Drozdowicz


Giambattista Vico’s struggle with the Christian historicism and the ahistoricism of Descartes

In the following remarks I intend to point out the place of the vision of history presented by Giambattista Vico within the Enlightment’s cultural turn through presenting of the attempt made by this philosopher on one hand to liberate himself from traditional historicism, and on the other from the ahistoricism of the Carthesian type, which was particularly popular in his circles. However, we may hardly recognize the vision of history drawn by him as fulfilling the standards of modern historicism, but it could be regarded as an important step in this direction. What is more, it is an important step towards opening of Catholicism for the dialogue between and beyond religions, as well as providing evidence for understanding for the very world of culture, which for many reasons was not and could not be Christian.

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Prace Kulturoznawcze

16, 2014

Strony od 17 do 26

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