Audiosfera powojennego Wrocławia w relacjach autobiograficznych pierwszych jego mieszkańców

  1. Renata Tańczuk ORCiD:


The audiosphere of post-war Wrocław in autobiographical accounts of its first residents

The article is an analysis of selected autobiographical accounts of the first inhabitants of post-war Wrocław from 1945–1946 with regard to phonic descriptions contained in them. The analysis reveals several problems that a researcher reconstructing the city audiosphere on the basis of such texts must face, e.g. scarcity of descriptions of the city sounds, especially in memoirs, the fact that the authors limited themselves to noting down the sounds they heard without characterising them. Any future diary and memoir based research into the audiosphere of cities should aim at the identification of typical situations, the descriptions of which include sounds. This will make it possible to indicate factors that encourage people to listen to sounds and provide their extensive descriptions. Studies into the reconstruction of the city audiosphere must take into account all locations the sounds of which were noted down. A comparison of various texts in this respect may be helpful in creating a map of the city audiosphere as received by its residents, indicating significant similarities in the reception of the soundscape of urban space.

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Prace Kulturoznawcze

13, 2012

Pages from 171 to 183

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