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Foniczne ingerencje w miejskiej przestrzeni. Instalacja dźwiękowa „(Od)głosy w zaułkach”

  1. Robert Losiak


Audio interferences in urban space. Sound installation “Backstreet sounds”

The article is an attempt to present and analyse an artistic project carried out in Wrocław’s public space in May 2010 by Maciej Bączyk and Paweł Romańczuk in the form of sound installations entitled „Backstreet sounds.” The authors intended the installations, accompanying the Contemporary Polish Music Festival, not only to be a form of artistic expression but also to provoke the audience — passer-by — with audio references to the history of the city and its soundscape. Thus the installations became a form of manifestation, the aim of which was to interest the audience in the problem of the city audiosphere. In interpreting this event, it was important to take into account the research conducted during the project by cultural studies students of the University of Wrocław based on questionnaires, interviews and observation of the participants’ behaviour. The results of this research seem to be interesting for the formulation of broader conclusions concerning the relations between people and their sound environment.

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Prace Kulturoznawcze

13, 2012

Strony od 79 do 88

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