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Cultura jako kultura. Pojęcie uprawy ducha z punktu widzenia teorii kultury

  1. Jolanta Jagoszewska


Cultura as culture. The concept of cultivation of the spirit from the point of view of the theory of culture


Terms like cultura animi, παιδεία, Bildung, etc. refer more or less to the same concept. Its history is centuries long, but the author of the present article analyses it only with regard to the most common ways of understanding culture. The most important among the properties of this concept (cultura animi, etc.) is the fact that it is inextricably connected with the human individual and the fact that it is judgemental, normative (it refers only to something positive). However, the theory of culture has been dominated by non-judgemental approaches and by the definition of culture as a separate object which does not constitute a quality of a human being. The notion of cultura animi is so distant from this that it would be difficult to regard it as one of the notions of culture.

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Prace Kulturoznawcze

12, 2011

Strony od 101 do 108

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